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Bringing Notarial Representative Bodies & Notaries Together.

The World Organisation of Notaries was formed to enable properly qualified Common Law Notary organisations and individuals to promote their professional and business interests domestically and internationally.

Membership in W.O.N. will help raise profiles, generate additional work and income, and facilitate communication with and learning from other Notaries in Common Law jurisdictions.

Why Join? 

1.     Membership in W.O.N. will help increase the flow of business and income to you as a Notary. 

2.     You will have the opportunity to make contact with W.O.N. members in other countries, receive referrals, refer legal work, and obtain the legal advice/assistance of W.O.N. members in other jurisdictions.

3.     W.O.N. will help raise the profile—both domestically and internationally—of you as a Notary and of all the other Notary members of W.O.N. in your country.

4.     The organisation will promote the interests of the members to each other and to non-members and the general public throughout the world.

5.     W.O.N. will provide relevant information and education to W.O.N. members, especially in Common Law jurisdictions.

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A Message from the President

November 27, 2015 As President of the World Organisation of Notaries, I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of myself and the Executive of W.O.N., to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year in 2016. I know I speak on behalf of our membership that Notarial work in our various […]

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