How Long is a Notary Stamp Good For in Arizona?

If you’re notary stamp is from Arizona, it’s good for four years. After that, you’ll need to get a new stamp.

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How long is a notary stamp good for in Arizona?

The notary public stamp is valid for four years from the date of the notary’s commission. The commission is the length of time during which the notary may exercise their powers. After the four years have elapsed, the notary must reapply to become commissioned again.

How to renew your notary stamp in Arizona?

In order to renew your notary stamp in Arizona, you must first submit a Notary Public Renewal Application to the state. The application must be renewed every four years. The renewal fee is $10.

What are the requirements to become a notary in Arizona?

The State of Arizona requires that all notaries complete an approved training program consisting of at least six hours. You must also pass a written examination on Arizona notary law, procedure, and ethics administered by an approved provider.

In addition, you must provide the following to the county recorder in the county where you reside or maintain a place of business:

-An original Certificate of Completion for the approved training program.
-A completed Notary Public Information Form.
-A $6 fee for each four-year term.

You will also be required to purchase a notary stamp and journal.

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